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Comprehensive Data Bootcamp

Includes all our short courses (plus some exciting extras) in one package and everything you need to begin your journey as a Data Champion.

Short Courses

Individual courses to help you maintian maximum flexibility. You can pick and choose from our growing range. Need to brush up on a specific topic? This is for you.

Accelerate your learning and gain immersive knowledge

Designed with flexibility at the core

Our programs prioritise flexibility without sacrificing the quality of your learning. We provide numerous flexible dates and timing, so you can fit your learning around your busy schedule and commitments. Don’t worry, we won’t just throw you into the deep end. We’ll give you all the support you need to get started on your new career path.

Become an expert, by learning from experts

Expand your knowledge with our professional experts, with their years of industry experience in developing leading reporting solutions. We help you with the support and training you need to succeed. Our courses and workshops teach you a wide range of skills to help you become a seasoned Data Analyst or Business Intelligence Specialist.

Demystifying BI

We believe that the future belongs to data and analytics. This is why Business Intelligence is a fun and rewarding skill once you understand the concepts behind it. Our program helps you learn those concepts and then provides you with practical hands-on exercises using Microsoft Power BI to create data-driven insights. 

Learn invaluable skills

Expand your career opportunities by sowing the seeds of professional development with our expert training and resources and enjoy the career growth you deserve.

We can help you with every aspect of your transition to a new career in data.

Upskill your entire team

Choose between face-to-face or remote training for you & your team.

Data analytics is a powerful tool every organisation can use to improve business operations and efficiency. We are dedicated to helping organisations and their employees get the most out of their data. Enjoy customised in-house analytics training for your team, tailored to your specific needs.